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All CBD can do for cancer patients is to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by cancer and its treatment . Regarding the actual potency and CBD content, one can never be sure about the veracity of a brand’s claims unless and until someone actually tests them in a lab.

‘There are no immediate dangers associated with the consumption of these products. “CBD inhibits the cytochrome P450 enzymes that break down important psychiatric drugs,” says Blessing. Tamra Judge CBD Gummies isn’t the only substance that messes with the body’s ability to metabolize these drugs — both St. John’s wort and the humble grapefruit are unfriendly — but CBD is comparatively poorly studied. The way CBD inhibits those enzymes could dramatically raise the levels of SSRIs or opioids in the system, potentially leading to an overdose. There are big companies and small companies, companies that provide elaborate chemical charts and companies that have no online presence at all.