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It’s a natural detoxifier with medicinal properties that help clear toxins, bad bacteria, metabolic waste, and fight inflammation. In 2013 PFCs were found in drinking water as well as surface water in the Veneto Region of Italy, at extremely high levels, which were traced to a wastewater treatment plant used by PFC manufacturer Miteni. Fresh, green veggies, like kale, are a good source of glutathione-essential for detox of liver pathway.

And if you’re underweight or nursing, it could actually cut out the fat and protein your body needs, Haas says. But if you have headaches, sinus congestion, fatigue, allergies, acne, joint pain or depression, you might benefit, he says. Johnson recommends that participants in her 14- to 28-day healthful-eating and detox challenges eat no more than three ounces of fish or meat twice a week.



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