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Hotel Tycoon Empire

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Hotel Tycoon Empire (also known as Hotel Tycoon): Create your own hotel empire and rise to the position of tourism tycoon!

Are you prepared to become wealthy by managing a hotel chain?

Begin by running a small hotel and work hard to expand your business. Enhance every detail to turn your modest installations into a five-star resort.

Extend your hotel rooms, add luxury furniture and eye-catching décor, improve all amenities and comforts, and make your guests happy by providing the best leisure activities.

Like other idle games: cookie clicker, clicker heroes, etc. How to play this Hotel Tycoon Empire game is very simple. Click to increase income, earn a lot of money to unlock products.

Manage all types of hotels and spend your revenue wisely to expand your empire. Set up the ideal hotel staff and manage increasingly efficient services.

Be the ideal host to your clients by upgrading your facilities, providing delectable meals and drinks, expanding the swimming pool, keeping the rooms clean, and constructing competitive suites. Profit from your idle time by reinvesting your earnings in a business venture.

Take charge of the human resources department and manage your employees effectively: hire lifeguards for your swimming pool, provide drivers or masseurs for your VIP clients, hire porters, cooks, or bartenders, and hire maintenance workers and cleaning service. Make wise business decisions and build a strong work team in your hotel empire.

Take the lead in free-time activities to keep your guests entertained. Organize scuba diving lessons, ski lessons, spa treatments, and sightseeing tours of the property. Don't forget to improve the comfort within your hotel's walls. Provide the best room service possible, properly decorate your hall, improve the resting area, provide the best catering and buffet in town, or offer your laundry service to your visitors during cleaning time.

Hotel Tycoon is a management and idle game that you will enjoy! A casual, easy-to-play game in which strategic decisions must be made in order to grow a profitable hotel business. Improve your hotel empire by starting small and modestly and making visible progress in your establishment. Transform your small business into the best lodging in the world and attract VIP guests!

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Here's a great post that I came across and I've been searching for this same type of post for the past week or so. Thank you very much and will be looking for more posts from you.

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