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Overcome It Barriers to Drive Business Seo Results

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It shouldn't be difficult , you think. After all, all you need is your web development team to start using absolute URLs instead of relative in their code, and your on-page SEO will improve. All they have to do is write the full URL instead of the path , you think. How difficult can it be ?

So you schedule a meeting with your company's web development team to kick off the process. First, the team explains that using relative URLs allows them to pass their code directly from the sandbox site to the live site. What you are asking for adds a logistical layer on their side

You insist, so they ask you to enter the request into their problem management system. Then they tell you it might be six months before it's done. There are a large number of requests waiting for you, after all. But first, it must be approved by a number of executives.

Multiply this event by other SEO issues like site speed, click depth issues or JavaScript rendering, etc. Suddenly, a mountain of budget proposals, project plans, emails, and meetings is dragging your SEO strategy down.

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In many cases, major web infrastructure decisions have already been made, so additional referral requests will create more work and friction for the IT team. Therefore, you will hear "No" or "Let's wait" or "We might be relaunching the site anyway" much more often than you hear "Yes".

But before you get too frustrated, take a step back and rethink your approach. Once you understand how your web development team works, you can effectively USA Phone Number List with them to complete your priority projects without disrupting theirs.

Read on to find out how we overcome the most common IT hurdles that derail business SEO programs.

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1. Put yourself in the shoes of your developers
Managing the IT needs of a business is no easy task. Not only do they have to deal with external software, but they also have to consider their workflow and priorities. And just like your team, this workflow doesn't include skipping their documented priorities for the week to take the first request that falls on their knees.

Beyond that, there is often a mismatch between what you are asking them to do and what they can actually do.

Take the example of absolute vs relative URL from the start. When the only context you can provide for this request is “It's better for SEO,” will it be worth it for them to change the whole structure of their code push process to meet the request? Probably not.

Each project takes longer than you think it should take . Really understand and internalize this. Because that will make the “compromise” phase a lot easier. Think about all the wacky expectations that business SEO teams have when it comes to timing expectations. Your developers meet with them too. Don't be their worst customer.

It's far too easy for us to assume that a “No” or “Submit Ticket, Please” translates to “I am intentionally useless. But this is rarely the case. Instead, your web development team performs a triage. They need to assess your request against all of their other priorities before they can integrate it into their workflow.

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