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Can Online Gaming replace outdoor games?

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In the 20s. the online gaming industry boomed up like something else and people were enjoying playing games by not going anywhere, but just connecting some PlayStation wires and it's ready to play!!

That's definitely a big question that will the Online gaming platforms like PlayStation and XBOX can replace outdoor games? So the answer is NO because online gaming can give you immense pleasure but it can't give you a healthy and sustainable lifestyle because when we play outdoor games, our body moves from one place to another and makes sweat which helps in good digestion and helps in maintaining a healthy and fit body.

So here we will share some of the best outdoor game ideas for kids that they will enjoy a lot and will play from the next day with their friends and family -

  • Double Dutch and Jump-Rope
  • Jump-Rope (Chinese Version)
  • Jacks
  • Capture the Flag
  • Traffic Cop