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How Nostalgia Works in Ads and How It Improves

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Millennial may be a particularly nostalgic generation. The fact that his entry into adulthood ran parallel to the moment of the explosion of the recession and the great economic crisis and that things became very unstable and complicated made his vision of the world and his expectations marked by it. . The problems of their time made them take refuge in the memories of better times, the safety of childhood and the elements associated with it. This caused a boom in nostalgia as an item to sell. The revival of the 80s and 90s and all kinds of products associated with it is explained taking this starting point into account.

Nostalgia gradually became integrated E-Mail-Datenbank kaufen into the marketing strategy of companies of all kinds, which tried to position themselves in that market in any way possible. Products returned, versions were launched and new cultural phenomena appeared that drank from that context.The truth is that, although millennial's are an eminently nostalgic generation, nostalgia, in general, is a powerful weapon for sales and for connecting with consumers. On the last point, nostalgia allows the use of codes and messages that consumers know and to which they will end up reacting quickly.

They will know what is being told to them, how and why. On the first point, the nostalgic element loosens the portfolio. Studies have been showing that we consume nostalgia and that we are also willing to pay more for it.In addition to the company's overall positioning strategy, nostalgia has also found its way into advertising. Ads use it to build their message and use it to make their advertising content stand out from the competition.