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Hound & Gatos creator Will Post considers that"dogs and cats were intended to consume 100 per cent meat just like from the open." This belief may be that the base of Hound & Gatos.


Post entered your pet industry after years seeing with his pets become ill, and survive drugs, and die young. Inspired with his pets' illness, he began investigating animal nutrition and growing their or her own pet food meals at hound and gatos cat food review.


Back in 2003, Will Post based LIFE4K9 Pet Foods, that he sold into hi tek at 2010.


Sourcing And Manufacturing

The business will not produce their products. As an alternative they partner with a manufacturer from the mid western United States.


Has Hound & Gatos Cat-food Been Recalled?

Never. Hound & Gatos has never experienced any remembers because its invention this season.


What Types Of Cat-food Can Hound & Gatos Offer?

Hound & Gatos offers 1 3 forms of paté-style food that is fried.


Most their formulations follow with a paleolithic dietary plan and are created out of 100% proteinno plant protein at all.


Their recipes contain water, meat, AGARAGAR, lavender oil, and synthetic minerals, vitamins, and proteins. That is it. They don't really comprise some grains, vegetables, fruits, preservatives, or dyes.


Many Hound & Gatos foods are far somewhat less than 1 percent carbohydrate in a as-fed basis with agaragar as the only carbohydrate source. As a dietary fiber, AGARAGAR does not split to sugar molecules raise your cat's blood glucose sugar levels.


All of cat foods are all packaged with BPA Free cans.