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Elien Spa - Abhyanga massage in Riga

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Elien Spa - Abhyanga massage in Riga
Speaking about Ayurvedic massage, it is impossible not to recall the technique of "abhyanga", which is one of the most popular traditional techniques of Ayurvedic therapy. To conduct an abhyanga massage session, a variety of herbal-based oils are used. As a rule, this massage is performed before morning hygiene procedures (shower, bath). It is classified as a relaxing type of massage. Usually an abhyanga session is conducted by two specialists: they make circular, fast, strong movements in tandem. At the same time, massage therapists rub herbal oils into the patient's body and massage energy points. A session of this massage lasts 1 hour.
Elien Spa - Abhyanga massage in Riga https://elienspa.lv/en/massage/abhyanga-massage
The oils used by specialists during a massage session are selected exclusively personally, depending on the complaints or wishes of the patient. Oils are used in large quantities to maximally nourish joints and strengthen connective tissues.
This type of massage can be well tolerated by people of any age. Abhyanga perfectly helps to solve various problems that have arisen in the human body. It effectively normalizes blood circulation, relieves pain, stress, improves sleep, increases flexibility, and also restores the emotional background.
In addition, Abhnga massage is recommended for the removal of tumors caused by arthritis and for muscle relaxation.
The benefits of Abyanga massage:
• Slowing down the aging process;
• Removal of waste products from the body (slags, toxins);
• Normalization of lymphatic fluid and blood circulation;
• Relieving pain and muscle spasms;
• Getting rid of stress, emotional experiences;
• Getting rid of cellulite;
• Rejuvenating effect on the skin.
Abhyanga massage is shown to people who suffer from diabetes, obesity, various skin diseases and others. It also helps well with dislocation of the cervical vertebrae, myalgia, joint pain, sunburn, fever.

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