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Fruit peeling in Elien Spa

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Fruit peeling in Elien Spa.
The procedure itself is very simple and does not take much time.
Makeup is removed, additionally the skin is cleaned with special means.
A peeling compound is applied to the skin. The time of exposure is determined by a cosmetologist, as a rule, it depends on the type of your skin and its sensitivity.
The peeling composition is removed – washed off with water or a special tonic.
A soothing moisturizing mask is applied to the skin.
Be sure to apply sunscreen before going outside.
Peeling with fruit acids does not cause discomfort, only patients with very sensitive skin can feel a slight burning sensation.
In Riga Elien Spa you will get the best fruit peeling
After the procedure, such an unpleasant complication as the appearance of age spots is possible. Therefore, it is always necessary to apply sunscreens with a filter of at least SPF-30 before going outside, even in the autumn-winter season. Moisturizing creams and gels, thermal water for cooling and additional moisturizing of the skin are also prescribed as home care. The first two days after peeling, you need to wash with cold or cool water, exclude active physical activity, do not visit the pool, sauna and sauna.
When carrying out any acid peels, it is necessary to take into account all the features of your skin. It may well be that you assume you have a problem that doesn't really exist. But all this can only be determined by an experienced cosmetologist. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out all acid peels not at home in the kitchen, but in the salon Elien Spa with a specialist.

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