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Without giving it a shot, it is impossible to know if the company is worthy of student attention. To make my review stand out among the boostmygrade reviews that I read online, I ordered an essay paper from them. Although there was no discount and the paper cost more than $100, I wanted to make sure that it was high quality so I placed an order for an argumentative essay here.

My paper was about Shakespear's research. It was easy to write, and it is difficult to write creative papers on this literature topic. Although the paper arrived on time, it was not very good. The paper was not formatted correctly and had typos. It was also not interesting and appeared to be a rewrite.


Customer Support Agents

I was interested: is boostmygrade legit. In learning more about the company so I decided to speak with the representative to discuss revisions, corrections and other important information for students. Surprised to learn that this support team does not work 24 hours a day. They are unavailable for approximately 12 hours on Sunday through Thursday, and close on Fridays and weekends.


You can reach the support team via email or phone. I tried calling them but they did not respond. I sent an email to get a response within a few days. They didn't have any formatting or revisions help so I had to do it myself.


Boost My Grade Review: Final Thoughts

When I first learned about the boost my grade company, it surprised me that this company still exists. They don't have public prices and they don't offer 24/7 support. There is no guarantee you will receive the help you paid for.


Only one thing sets them apart from similar websites: they provide homework and assignment help, as well as online test and exam assistance. However, you cannot be certain that you will receive help from a skilled individual.

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