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Cade Cunningham Declares for the NBA Draft

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Cade Cunningham has been touted as the potential top pick in the 2021 NBA Draft . Being the No. 1 overall draft choice would add to the long list of accomplishments Cunningham already has under his belt. Cunningham announced his intentions to enter the 2021 NBA Draft at a press conference on the white maple hardwood court at Gallagher- Iba Arena on Thursday afternoon. Cunningham's announcement is not an April Fools joke as this was always part of the plan coach Mike Boynton had laid out for Cunningham throughout the recruitment process. Cade Cunningham announced that he will enter the NBA draft after a dynamic freshman season. Cunningham is ranked in ESPN's best available prospects and could possibly be drafted No. 1 overall. 3 rebounds, and 3.6 assists per game in his outstanding year at Oklahoma State. Now Cunningham will begin preparations for the NBA Draft, including hiring an agent to represent him. The NBA Draft Lottery will take place on June 22nd to determine the draft order of the 14 teams that didn't make the playoffs. Cunningham's dreams of becoming an NBA player will be realized on July 29th at the NBA Draft. Oklahoma City Thunder fans will hope the Thunder win the lottery and move up to the top spot for the opportunity to draft Cunningham Taiten Winkel Jersey. OKC currently has the ninth best odds of moving up to the top overall spot. The Houston Rockets currently have the 2nd worst record in the NBA, but Houston will send its pick to OKC if it falls out of the top four picks. Cunningham wouldn't have to move far if Oklahoma City wins the lottery . Minnesota, Houston, Detroit, Orlando and Cleveland make up the top five worst records in the NBA, and thus have the best shot at landing a top pick. Cunningham brought relevance back to Oklahoma State's basketball program and helped deliver OSU's first tournament win in over a decade. No matter what NBA team is lucky enough to add Cunningham to its roster, he will always be an Oklahoma State Cowboy. Thank you for everything and good luck in the league, Cade!